United Jewelers' UR-GE (Clustering) Project

UR-GE (the Turkish acronyms of Developing International Competitiveness) Projects are based on the Government initiative dated back to 2011 that basically aims to support exporter companies via their Associations which operate under the umbrella of Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM-http://www.tim.org.tr/tr/default.html ) in their efforts to explore new market opportunities and consolidate their share in the markets they are already present. The central methodology of the UR-GE project is "Clustering".

Clustering is basically gathering firms and related institutions which operate on the same value chain and support them to discover the potential of cooperation while competing simultaneously. Clustering methodology helps the Associations to determine the "common" needs of the firms and deliver the services that adress the needs of as much as firms possible.

Within this frame, Istanbul Metals and Minerals Exporters Association (IMMIB - http://www.immib.org.tr/tr/ ) launched an UR-GE project called "United Jewelers" in order to increase Turkish competitiveness in Jewelery sector. The Cluster currently has 32 firms operating in jewelery sector with a wide range of export capacity all around the world. During the first 6 months of 2016, the group managed to export Jewelery products that worth 124 Million USD. The project that will take 3 years aims to increase the overall export capacity by %10 by the end of 2019.

The project has 3 main stages;

The first stage is to detect the major flaws within the companies that hinder to increase their competitiveness. The "Needs Analysis" will be executed by a professional consulting company in collaboration with the Project Expert. The Professional consulting company will deliver a report that will constitute the backbone of the future activities in which the strategic route map of the project will be designated.

Second stage is to organize training activities according to the report that will be delivered by the consulting company.

Third stage is Market Research. In fact the first two stages are a kind of preparation for the Market research activities in which the group will execute trade mission to target countries.