Turkish Committee Joined ASEAN Meetings

Turkey is becoming a star in the global jewellery industry, coming closer to using its potential after the structural reforms that have been carried out. One of the highlights from the summit was Turkey's advantageous offers to ASEAN countries.

Turkey is one of the most important jewellery exporters in the world. With its latest structural reforms, Turkey is moving onto a central global position. All these positive events are closely followed by ASEAN countries. Turkey has been participating in the summits held by the jewellery associations of ASEAN countries. Held in Malaysia last year, this year Vietnam was the address for the summit. Jewellery Exporters' Association (JTR) President Ayhan GÜNER, members of the board Can ÖZKÖK, Mustafa KAMAR, and the consultant of the Association Oğuz ÖZDEMİR formed contacts in Vietnam.

Why is Turkey important for ASEAN countries?
Turkey carries a lot of significance for the world's largest growing area, Asia. Many Asian countries with a high production capacity can reach North Africa, Russia and Middle East through Turkey. Cooperation between ASEAN countries and Turkey promises important trading


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