Chairman's Message

Message from the Chairman

Our dear members, esteemed colleagues;

We received a very valuable deposit as Jewellery Exporters' Association. We are carrying deposit of our ancestries in these very old soils in which jewellery is produced by using valuable mines and stones for thousands of years.

Our purpose is to develop our occupation, reinforce our industry, achieve objectives of 2023 by carrying Turkish economy forward and to exceed them insofar as possible.

We confirmed once more that when we discuss the contributions we will provide for our country we will not be able to do this only by producing and exporting golden jewellery. We need to produce higher value added product and services, bring our country and human more, and hug larger masses.

We grew with from jewellery trade, and we know bringing home the bread… Thus, we fictionalized our studies to provide that more people bring home the bread and provide a better future for children.

At first, we should have provided that jewellery industry to wider production network. Processing of valuable and half-valuable stones and making their trade had great importance, we acted from this… Firstly, we put cutting and processing of semi-valuable stones on our agenda.  We made cooperation with EU on this subject, and carried out a perfect project. Thus, we discovered capabilities of our hearing-impaired friends. We took a step for gaining our semi-valuable stones that we sell 1 but get back 1000 because they come out of soil of this country but we cannot process here.

We always supported occupational training, and we took the first step on valuable stones in addition to traditional jewellery training. Our purpose was to establish a proper infrastructure so that valuable stones especially diamond can be processes in our country. We tried to actualize sector-training cooperation at highest level at vocational school and higher education level.

If Turkey will become a financial center, financing tools such as gold and diamond shall have important participation apart from cash. We supported actualization of Diamond Exchange in this sense as a valuable step in terms of supporting jewellery production in Turkey and for reinforcing future of economy of our country, and our studies on this subject with high motivation.

We really made an important progress on design. We added a value at an international level to AJUR Jewellery Design Contest that is deposit from our friends performing their duties in management teams before us and our elder brothers to us. We used to give order on design from foreign designers abroad, and now our country can export products of its own designers.

We experienced negative developments due to circumstances beyond our control in export in spite of all of our efforts. Some markets were congested due to economic developments and some markets due to political developments, but it did not discourage us. Our friends exporting jewellery have great energy, we can create alternatives in other markets rapidly when any Market is congested. We continued and will continue to make valuable contributions to export of our country thanks to this ability we have.  

Istanbul Jewellery Show takes part among first 5 big jewellery fairs of the world, our aim in the first step is to rank among the top 3… For this purpose, we are continuously taking new steps by evaluating valuable incentives of our Ministry of Economy. We took the first step with China having largest economy in the world in last fair. We hosted representatives of biggest retail chain of China, and the most important producers in our country. Our purpose is to increase our cooperation with China. We will take step afterwards to sell and buy product, project and cooperation for mutual gain. We will reinforce the first step by going to China soon. The fact that our Chinese colleagues are eager as much as us is encouraging. This cooperation should be profitable for them.

We planned the things we should do in next process, and each of them is realized one by one. We are proud of the things the previous management teams made, and we want to leave works about which our friends who will take office after us will proud of us.

Sincerely yours,